New Aircraft system part 2

Well, here is my part 2 of the new Aircraft system for vrchat.

Features (phase 6):

  • lead computing Gunsight system on each plane.
  • realistic chaff and flare system.
  • HMCS Lock cam on each fighter pilot helmet model.
  • spin recovery system.
  • stall recovery system.
  • engine flameout when damaged/hit.
  • missile spoof,jam and fail system on chaff and flare.
  • weapons jamming system.
  • parts disintegration when damaged/hit by weapons or the ground.
  • gcas system for each jet.
  • realistic aircraft turning ability when in dogfight mode.

Additional features (phase 6):

  • air base radar system.
  • air base radar communication to each jet in flight.
  • inert weapons for A-A and A-G training purposes.
  • aircraft parts removal for maintenance.
  • specialized vehicles for crashed aircraft retrieval.

Final features (phase 6):

  • weapons explosions when the plane is damaged/hit by the ground and by weapons.

Features (phase 7):

  • stores separation when no longer needed.
  • combat fatigue on planes and pilots.
  • carrier lift functions.
  • aircraft maintenance in carrier hangar decks.
  • realistic aircraft speeds for carrier landings.
  • improved fly by wire system.

Additional features (phase 7):

  • Radar maintenance function on aircraft and ground Based radars for ground crew.
  • link-16 compatibility for each jet.
  • flight controls check tools for ground crew.
  • aircraft inspection tools for ground crew.

Final features (phase 7):

  • combine phase 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 with additional features.

Features (phase 8):

  • WW2 fighter guns and cannons damage effects.

  • jet fighter guns and cannons damage effects.

  • WW1 fighter machine damage effects.

  • early jet missile performance.
    Additional features (phase 8):

  • ground controlled interception functions.

  • enhanced hmcs/targeting pod functions.

  • aircraft repair tool for ground crew.

  • realistic aircraft wing flutter.

Final features (phase 8):

  • make mods for all vrchat aviation groups.
  • flight mods compatibility.

Features (phase 9):

  • enhanced jamming pod functions.
  • enhanced flight controls.
  • flight controls jamming when poorly maintained.
  • weapons pylon Removal for ground crew.
  • weapons bay doors for each jet.

Additional features (phase 9):

  • engine maintenance function for ground crew.
  • weapons pylon maintenance for ground crew.
  • parts maintenance for ground crew.
  • airframe maintenance for ground crew.

Final features (phase 9):

  • Combine phase 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 for mods and addon use.

Features (phase 10):

  • improved air oxygen supply.
  • improved A-A and A-G radio communications though mic.
  • enhanced VTOL capabilities.
  • aircraft marshalling tools for ground crew.

Additional features (phase 10):

  • air to air victories scores and air to ground victories scores on the scoreboard.
  • aircraft radio effects when speaking on the mic.

Final features (phase 10):

  • combine phase 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 for the final integration of the new Aircraft system.

@Sacchan Sacchan’s Flight system does most of the on-aircraft things, though many of these features center more around the ground crew. Whomever crafted this would just have to add those prefabs/features to the individual aircraft and support vehicles/buildings. It would make for a very realistic air base indeed.

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