New Aircraft system for vrchat (all 5 phases)

Hello, I had a idea of a new Aircraft system (nas) that would make a worst pilot the best pilot in Vrc.

Features (phase 1):

  • seat buckle toggle.
  • weapon loading (equip and drop) for ground crews.
  • independent aircraft Controls.
  • FBW controls.
  • G-force tolerance.
  • G-force to seat angle system.
  • HMCS management system.
  • avatar G-force tolerance system.
  • thrust to weight ratio system.
  • engine flameout and damage.
  • aircraft damage and break up.
  • targeting pod functions.
  • weapons guidance system.
  • custom avatar pilot generator.
  • A-A lock system.
  • A-G lock system.
  • navigation management system.
  • weapons management system.
  • missile alignment system.
  • A-A and A-G kill sound system.

Additional features (phase 1):

  • A-A and A-G communications.
  • Advanced jamming systems.
  • Spoof,Jamming and flare proof missiles.
  • fail proof missiles.
  • A-A and A-G Gunsight system.
  • advanced AOA limiter.
  • advanced stall recovery system.
  • inert weapons for training purposes.
  • AGMs and GBUs.
  • standoff weapons.
  • Advanced and standard jammer pods.

Final features (phase 1):

  • mechanical Flight controls for 1950s-60s jets.
  • FBW flight controls for F-16 and other FBW jets.
  • FBW and mechanical backup flight controls for other jets.
  • real life aircraft performance stats (for each jet).
  • real life engine performance stats (for each jet).
  • HMCS Lock cam.
  • Gunsight system for each jet.

Features (phase 2):

  • damage system to tell you when you hit, neutralized or destroyed the target.
  • aircraft disintegration Physics.
  • accurate aircraft control movements.
  • realistic vtol physics.
  • realistic FBW flight controls.
  • enhanced gunsight.
  • enhanced missile lock and acquisition modes.
  • finger tip control without touch the throttle and control sticks.
  • accurate hands on throttle and stick when hands touch the controls.
  • aircraft debris on crash site.
  • enhanced missile tracking.
  • automatic ground collision avoidance system.
  • improved targeting pod functions.
  • realistic flight physics.
  • realistic thrust vectoring.
  • improved targeting pod functions for A-A and A-G target acquisition.
  • improved and enhanced air to air radio communication.

Additional features (phase 2):

  • new toggle controls for realistic cockpit experience.
  • ACMI pods for DACT (Dissimilar Air Combat Training).
  • agile missiles for agile opponent aircraft.
  • long ranged missiles for long range engagements.
  • renewed air to air refueling physics.
  • new cannon and machine gun damage model (according to the type of milimeters of ammo a plane has).
  • improved ground crew arming and refueling physics for ground crew when loading up the plane with Fuel and weapons.
  • enhanced HMCS Lock cam for tracking and engaging with opponent aircraft.
  • enhanced HMCS functions for A-A and A-G target acquisition.
  • enhanced AGM targeting pod functions for better A-G target acquisition.

Final features (phase 2):

  • targeting pods for A-A and A-G combat functions (compatible with the HMCS system).
  • HMCS Lock cam for laser and rail gun shooting.
  • laser and rail gunpods for futuristic air combat.
  • better chaff and flare physics.
  • improved ECM functions.
  • aircraft damage repair functions.
  • new all aspect missile lock system.
  • new gunsight for 4th and 5th gen fighter jets.

Features (phase 3):

  • independent switches and button cockpit controls.
  • remove before flight pins removal and reattach controls for ground crews.
  • accurate flight controls when turning the aircraft and helicopters.
  • realistic G-force tolerance breathing.
  • G-force tolerance for seat angle for each jets.
  • canopy handle bar controls.
  • ACMI pods for DACT (Dissimilar Air Combat Training).
  • stand off A-A and A-G weapons.
  • MFD button controls.
  • separate hands controls for throttle and stick.
  • A-G and A-G radio communications though mic.
  • engine performance (Realistic thrust to weight ratio).

Additional features (phase 3):

  • maintenance and access hatches and panels on each jet.
  • aircraft ladder for pilots to climb in the cockpits of their jets (grab and hold function for ground Crew only).
  • aircraft disassembly (ground Crew only).
  • aircraft arming and disarming (ground Crew only).
  • VTOL performance enhanced and improved.
  • de-icing on aircraft in arctic conditions.
  • aircraft disintegration for both when crashing and getting shot down.
  • improved and enhanced stealth capabilities (stealth aircraft only).

Final features (phase 3):

  • no blue outlines for cockpit controls.
  • no console controls when touching the control
    Stick and throttle stick.
  • separate canopy handle controls.
  • separate toggles controls when touching the control buttons,switches and toggles.
  • ILS functions for ILS approach.

Features (phase 4):

  • hands on throttle and stick controls.
  • realistic stall speeds (inc stagnation stall).
  • bombing symbology.
  • tracer Gunsight (A-A and A-G mode).
  • accurate missile performance (A-A and A-G).
  • target registration system.
  • accurate bomb performance.
  • aircraft disassembly function (ground crew only).
  • fatigue crack scanner (ground crew only).
  • improved air to air refueling functions.
  • refueling functions on the ground (ground crew only).
  • realistic aircraft rearming functions (ground crew only).

Additional features (phase 4):

  • aircraft maintenance manual (ground crew only).
  • cockpit maintenance function (ground crew only).
  • radar maintenance function (ground crew only).
  • weapons maintenance function (ground crew only).

Final features (phase 4):

  • canopy cleaning (ground crew only).
  • aircraft repair function (ground crew only).
  • aircraft spare part assembly function (ground crew only).
  • external fuel tank refueling functions (ground crew only).

Features (Phase 5):

  • improved missile lock on performance.
  • aircraft maintenance tools for ground crew.
  • bullet penetration through engine and aircraft parts.
  • missile fragmentation upon contact with the plane.
  • status on aircraft and engine for ground crew.
  • flight recording of FCR, CVR and Gunsight cameras.
  • ACMI recording on display and airbase screen.
  • inert weapons performance.
  • incendiary,armour piercing & other types of rounds.
  • anti spoof, jam and fail missiles.
  • realistic air to air & air to ground Communication
  • refined flight control performance on each plane.
  • improved realistic avionics performance.
  • realistic no radar engagement function.
  • combat fatigue on aircraft.
  • aircraft disintegration when damaged/hit.

Additional features (phase 5):

  • improved maintenance for the ground crew.
  • improved weapons maintenance for ground crew.
  • improved flight characteristics of planes.
  • improved flight characteristics of weapons.
  • improved HMCS functions.

Final features (phase 5):

  • all functions of phase 1,2,3 &4 should be combined with the phase 5 implementations of the new Aircraft system.