My friend can't login his account through the website

My friend can’t login his account through the website.
When he tries to login, it asks for a code but he can’t access the email that has the code, is there is a possibility to change emails and get the code with the email he wants to use.

You’re going to probably get one of two possible responses.

  1. no, but politely

  2. a suggestion for your friend to contact support.

I’ve seen this come up on reddit a few times and the hive mind suspicion is that they’re boned, I haven’t seen anyone come back with a success story. But maybe they’re all happily using VRChat and never come back to reddit, as it’s a weird place.

I highly doubt the second case. There is no sense in forcing 2FA for everyone, if you can just contact support to remove it without any verification at all (how should they be able to verify? It’s not like they even have your personal details). This would break every 2FA policy i have seen so far.

If you have your account linked to Steam, you may try recovering it by logging in though steam - else it’s probably your best bet to try to get access to the email.

Being able to log in via an account link such as Steam would be very helpful for going via support.

I haven’t seen anywhere inside VRChat where I can effect a change on my email or password.