My Account Got Hacked!


So, I’ve not opened VRChat for some time but this morning I’ve received notifications in my email about a password and email changes that I didn’t do. Right now, my old email and password cannot be used to login to VRChat anymore but because my account was linked to Steam, I’m still able to access my account from there and after a quick check whoever is the hacker has added so many people I didn’t know and uploaded some questionable avatars as well. I’ve made a ticket on the moment I’ve got that email & password change notifs but has not received any further info on how to recover my account back. What can I do now?

It’s good that you made a ticket at! I hope you receive your account back soon. Please understand that our Ask forum moderators are unable to restore your account.

Once you regain access, I highly recommend enabling two-factor-authentication to make your account more secure.