My Avatar Won't Build!

I was making an avatar and now it won’t build, the only thing that I believe is stopping me from building is the fact that it says “Default texture format on Android should be set to the newer ASTC format to reduce VRAM usage (this could take a while). Texture settings can be overridden on an individual basis.”, how do I fix this?

I believe you are building for quest then.

Can you take a screenshot of the build tab of the sdk, see what it says?

There should be buttons on the right side. Something like “fix” or “fix now”

Maybe that horizontal scroll bar works?

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Yeah. So that seem to be the only issue.

You seem to only have two material slots. So probably two materials. Can you go through all of the textures of those materials and check in the inspector if you can change the image format according to the error message?

I had it too small that the button didn’t render, it was fixed.