Memory issues

i cant stay in worlds for very or at all because i dont have enough memory i joined my friend once and got kicked almost immedeatly to my home home world after getting a notif saying not enough memory space for vrchat i have at multiple places for how to fix this but i cant find anything can someone please tell me how to delete some of the memory.

Are you on PC or Quest?

I’m assuming PC. If so, then maybe check to see if you have any other applications running in the background that are taking up more memory? You can use your Task Manager to check the memory usage of processed running on your computer.

im on quest so i dont think i can do that

Are you showing Very Poor avatars? They almost-always cause problems for the Quest.

Ive had the same issues, i never had this problem until not too long ago
I cant open more than a few worlds before it says i run out of memory, or if i open one and stay in it too long
Even if the other avatars are disabled through shield or if there is nobody at all