Latency when I speak

Basically whenever I speak people dont hear me instantly it takes about 1-2 seconds before what I said comes through. Kinda makes it awkward during conversations since I cut people off a lot lmao. Never seen this issue with anyone else and has persisted for 4+ years over multiple pc’s and even on my quest while I was on it. Doesnt happen on any other game or voice chat eg discord

That is unfortunately normal for VRChat. You can mitigate it somewhat by joining instances in the same region as you, which isn’t helpful if your friends are in a different region.

From what I understand, VRChat uses pure client-server data communication, which increases latency considerably. Hopefully at some point VRChat moves over to using WebRTC or some similar peer-to-peer communications method, which wouldn’t make the latency completely disappear but can reduce it significantly.

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