Language stats for VRChats?

What languages are most commonly spoken in VRChat?

I’d like to translate some of my VRChat content. But I’m unsure which languages I should be focusing on.

English, Korean and Japanese are the most prominent languages… says my gut feeling, and Google Trends. Though I’m wondering if anyone else has investigated this, or has any data to share.

Thank you! :heart:


Thank you! English and Japanese are definitely a good place to start.

But I was wondering if anyone has actually investigated which languages are popular, or has any data on the matter.

For example, how important would a German translation be? Or maybe there’s a surprising amount of Korean players? I really don’t know, and I don’t know how I would find out that information.

I spent majority of my time with Korean players and although it may be a small community it appears to be more than enough to enjoy and meet new people everyday. They also try to learn different languages as well and are very welcoming.

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English, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish in that rough order.

Sadly, vrc doesn’t provide statistics on users, but it does have a list of public worlds. So I did a search on the title and the language of that title.

It’s not fool proof by any means but it should give a rough estimate.