Is the Mem Reduct program safe to use on VRChat?

Hey there everyone! I’ve recently come across a program called Mem Reduct which is available on GitHub as it’s open source. As I have noticed that the Steam Client Webhelper is known to have memory leaks (which kinda happens in VRChat too with the bloated/unoptimized user content there is) as well as whatever Windows is deciding to use up as well to exhaust my 16GB of RAM that I have in total. I have a 12th Generation Core i7 with a GeForce MX550 which seems to work well with the game on my laptop. I have used Mem Reduct on Rec Room which also uses Easy AntiCheat and it actually improves performance on that game without any unexpected problems like getting kicked back to dorm room or closing the game. I believe this would also improve performance on VRChat and possibly reduce weird stutters while playing it as well since it also improved it on Rec Room but I haven’t used it on VRChat yet since I’m not sure if this would be considered to be tampering with the client since it reduces the amount of RAM consumption by taking out anything unnecessary like memory leaks and unused cache but as far as I know it won’t mess with the client in any malicious ways and it improves the performance on other games as well. I also use VRCX with VRChat (which is already approved by the VRChat Team themselves) and it shouldn’t cause any problems with that either. I have used the Viveport version of VRChat as well with SteamVR (by not having Steam running) to improve performance but VRChat does take a big chunk of my available RAM and doesn’t always clean it out after it goes unused. Do you think this will be safe to use on VRChat (as it hopefully won’t cause a ban) and would this be approved to use as well?

I guess with the 12th gen processor, that means you’re on windows 11?

MX550 only has 2gb of VRAM, so one thing you should keep in mind is that if you’re showing avatars, you’re likely to be exceeding that. So now the video game engine is probably wanting to have more stuff loaded in system ram than you’d expect.

How long are you having rec room open that asking the computer to evict main memory just to see who comes back is worth doing? I’ve used such a tool before, but to me it only makes sense if the computer has been running a fairly long time. So I disabled fast startup, now a shutdown is a shutdown. But I still ask my computer to reboot every 1-3 weeks, usually wherever stuff breaks.

Is getting 32gb of RAM an option? My guess is that you will get more stuttering if you’re loading world and avatar after you hit button.

Also just for curiosity is this VR or desktop mode?

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Yes my laptop came with Windows 11 Home on it but upgraded it to Education through a key I received from my college.

I keep the max avatar download limit to 5MB and poor performance avatars are filtered out by default (replaces with a fallback or imposter).

I’ve let it run for over 9 hours at a time before but it does seem to build up some RAM usage too however the program does help keep it under 1GB of RAM even while in a big room. I let the program run it cleaning every 10 minutes to make sure it’s not always building up unneeded RAM.

I’ll have to see if the Inspirion 16 Plus 7620 (Hybrid tablet and laptop) will support 2 of the 16GB DDR4 sticks rather than just having the 8GB RAM sticks it came with.

I use any VR apps I have with SteamVR. Turning the rendering resolution down on it kinda helps but it often still slows down and stutters.