Error When Loading Up VRChat?

Everytime I try and open VRchat, this is what I get. And I NEVER used to get this before so I’m super confused. Help?
P.s. I’ve tried reinstalling like 3-4 times already. No change.

This happens so me when easy anti cheat isnt able to load in the background. Check to see if you have anything stopping that and Steam VR from loading.

What would be stopping that? I’ve tried loading it up without having a single program running. I’ve made it so Steam is the only program on my taskbar that’s running. I’m literally confused because I never had this problem.

Oh nvm, I looked up a video on youtube and I had to get rid of some file that was in there. LOL. It’s up and running now.

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Well done! Wanna post the directions just in case someone else has this issue?