How does the UI Input Field interacts with Udon?


My goal is to access the input of a user from an InputField

The InputField is setup correctly in my scene and I’m able to write on it.

I believe I’ve also setup the scripts correctly


And the script is so that I read an input and output it back. I believe custom events are defined as such with the public void PlayerInput(string s):

However, I believe the script is not called when I input in the field as I see nothing on the console.

I’m not very knowledgeable of the SDK’s first principles so my question could be obvious but I couldn’t find an answer so far. I would appreciate any type of help :slight_smile:

Thanks !

And yes, the InputField is on the Default layer

Hi Phos! I interacted with you on discord, though just checking in :)

As I recall you were going to try using Fionna’s CyanTrigger Keypads prefab , did that help get everything working for you?

Hey there :) Yes thanks ! I switched to the buttons that the prefab offers.
I still don’t have an answer to the InputField problem so I’d like to keep this topic open tho