Items acting as triggers

So here’s the deal. I am rebuilding a world I made from scratch. I have very little knowledge of udon but know enough to make a teleporter, chairs, mirror, etc. So what I’m trying to do is unexplored ground for me. I am trying to get a mesh to act as a trigger on another item to signal an animation. for example, if you put the ball in the bowl it registers that it’s there and then activates a world-based animation. I have a collider on the said ball and a collider on the bowl set as a trigger but I don’t know where to go from there.

With that said I also want a specific animation if all other animations have been triggered which I sort of know how to do with params on the animation controller but I need the udon graph script to register that all 6 perams have been met.

final details I would like it to be global, not local if possible.

any advice or tutorials that you may know for this in a similar action would be awesome cause I would prefer to do it myself to learn for future works.

added a few pics for guides to show where im at if it will help

pillar settings
trigger list

Hay, you should use onTriggerEnter event for this. Then you can change the state of the animators from udon.

Oooh. I’ll try that when I get off work. Someone also suggested cyantriggers and said they are a vcc repository now. I’ll experiment with both tonight.

I couldn’t figure exactly how to get on trigger enter to work properly but I did get cyntrigger to work. I honestly don’t know 100% how but I’m not questioning it lol thank you for the advice though @Talox I did learn that cyan is just prebuilt script for on trigger enter with a menu to work it!