How do I get somebody to be interested in my Avatar idea?

Hey, 5 days ago I posted my idea for an Avatar pack hoping somebody would be interested in my Avatar Pack idea ( My idea for a Avatar Pack ), but they never came. Can somebody please tell me how to get somebody to be interested in my Avatar idea?

The reality is that what you’re asking for is simply not something that someone would just do for you for free. People who have the ability to do that typically have plenty of their own ideas that they want to get to before they would start taking on somebody else’s ideas.

The one exception would be if they’re getting paid for it, and well… That many avatars would be several hundred hours of work. Not cheap.

If you want to get this done, your best bet is to learn how to do it yourself. The good news is that having a project you’re passionate about is a great way to learn a new skill.

I would recommend picking up blender. Watch some basic tutorials if you’re totally lost. Probably don’t start from scratch at the very beginning, start from an existing similar model and transform it into what you want. Morph the body type, add clothing, change the textures, kitbash, and just get comfortable with blender. Eventually you might even be comfortable enough to start from scratch, and at that point you can even start selling your work.