How do i fix this uploading problem

Screenshot 2023-12-06 205454
Help idk how to fix this

Im stuck and i have tried uploading multiple avatars and it still dosent work

Here is my Console, the top half with the fancy color icons is the part that matters. Before I took the screenshot I first moved the bottom part out of the way, because its useless for your purposes, but then remembered my comment was going to point out that its useless. As far as this VRChat stuff is concerned the initial message is what you want to focus on.

The counts on the top right, 50 info, 15 warnings, 0 errors (its red if there are any) are different categories and are togglable. so you might have to turn them on. there is a slight difference in background color, so in my screenshot I’ve hidden the info messages.

For this second screenshot that I’ve borrowed, the person is hiding the error message counts as well, but it shows that if an avatar fails to build, there is at least 5 messages in the log about it, at the top there is an error about a missing script, that is an actual error that needs to be looked at.

So in summary, unhide the red error messages, and don’t worry about showing the error counts.