How can I block sexual content in VRChat?

It seems like no matter what types of worlds I visit, there are people wearing very sexually suggestive and sexually explicit avatars, displaying porn, hentai, various kink groups and other very sexual groups and profile pictures.

Even if I disable avatars, I can’t do anything about the profile pictures, avatar pictures and groups.

It seems pretty unreasonable that this kind of content can’t be disabled or filtered in some way in a game that says public spaces should be “safe for work”.

Even large platforms like Steam have a variety of effective ways to disable community content and filters for adult/sexual content.

What can I do about this problem?

VRChat has a content gating system Introducing Content Gating — VRChat that allows you to disable “Sexually suggestive” content. This should disable avatars and worlds tagged in that way by default.

When an avatar isn’t tagged properly, you can tell the person or (i believe so) report the avatar (not the user) for misstaging the avatar.

Outside of this, there isn’t much you can do on your side except going to places where people like this go.

There are a few problems with Content Gating that I’ve noticed:

This only applies to avatars and worlds as you’ve mentioned, and in my personal experience, most of the sexually suggestive and sexually explicit avatars and worlds aren’t being tagged very often, the overwhelming majority of them that I run into aren’t tagged at all, it doesn’t matter if they’re older or newly uploaded.

I’ve reported many in-game for missing tags to no avail.

I’ve also upvoted and opened some of my own Canny posts with proposed solutions for this problem and other problems, but again, to no avail.

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Well, can’t do much more than that.

There are many types of different people on VRChat that mix togther, sometimes this can cause friction , more so in todays modern culture, and the culture war itself. most people want nsfw avtars but others do not like that type of content. Sadly all you can do is hide the avatar or block the person. Even though there is a content gating thing, the platform ChilloutVR may alsobe an ideia as there if you wish to see nsfw avatars you have to pay small price for the DLC on steam to see them or they are just floatting robots. But they also have alot of other filters for avatars, such horror themed avatars , even spider or snake avatars. Perhaps VRChat should add a decent filter thing in for people who dont like certain things.