Getting Udon in Unity to open a link when pressing a button

Hello, im new to using unity as im used to being on Unreal, so i want to link a button to my Patreon website and was wondering how I could go about doing that. There is no tutorials or videos explaining how to link a button to a URL. Would be a big help if anyone knows. Please give a detailed explanation as i dont know much about Udon. Thanks

Can worlds do that now? Opening links is usually quite limited, like the vket worlds have access to such a function. When/if it’s added for regular people, probably see references to such a feature in documentation first.

As you can’t really do so, two solutions I would see would be

  • a text field to allow people to copy the URL
  • a qr code to redirect to the link

ok sound like something to try, Also I have made a admin list and people who subscribe to the Patreon I will need to add to the admin list manually, im not quite sure how to add people to a admin list automatcally when they subscribe. I have seen videos but they just use a app called paste bin but to me thats not really that safe and people can bypass it, so i need a way that i can do it in a better way where it auto updates when a person subs, but not sure how

Patreon is hard to use strait away because you would need an intermediate server to save the list and make it available publicly in plain text.

In udon you have a string loader that can load a list from a file online.

I did something like this with a friend based on github, I’ll let you look on that as an example (based on Kofi, but it works the same)

In the future I would recommend using the integrated creator economy as you Wil have a native udon integration when it will be stabilized

You should look into how pastebin works, also GitHub may be another alternative.

Just spitballing, but if people are bypassing pastebin by the use of dns and https certs on thier own PC, then any site will have such troubles.

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