GestureWeight only works in the fist gesture?

I’m trying to make some cool stuff using blendtrees and GestureWeights.

Everything was working fine in Unity, but inside the game it didn’t work at all, so I tried a lot of things and noticed that the GestureWeight in game only work as a float when my hand is in the fist gesture, in any other gesture the GestureWeight only register as 1 or 0.

How can I fix that?
Or is it a limitation of the game? if so, why?
Video showing the issue.

In the video you can see that the GestureRightWeight works ok when I close my hands, but in the other gestures, it seems to completely ignore the grip button.

That is intended behavior as far as I can recall.
I know a lot of models that use the fist and trigger to create animations that have an over time effect.
The reason why it’s not on other gestures is probably due to controllers that use sensors to trigger specific gestures, where the only other gesture that is possible with the trigger down is thumbs up, guess it’s just a simplification.