Game freezes as soon as I login

When I login into the game, through my oculus 2 after a few seconds the game freezes, then it tells me I timed out and can’t really do anything as it freezes right after.
The login screen works fine, but it does take a bit to load in, I don’t know if it might be the same reason for it freezing.

Hello, @spectr_um On the Meta Quest, uninstalling and reinstalling the VRChat will fix many issues.

If you still have problems after uninstalling and reinstalling might be better reporting the issue to the team.

the same problem, i did uninstalling and reinstalling the VRChat on my PC Steam and Oculus Meta Quest 2, and also i did clean all cache in the 2 versions, but there aren’t change.

Its better asking meta it self.

I have received the same thing too, mine freezes and crashes every time, saying that the application is not responding. I’m on PC so this clearly happens to me too.