From PTV to PAV: the beginning (1/2)

Hello, I would like to tell you something about my PTV story. ever since I got looking for evidence of avatar vehicles, and ultimately found the evidence i was looking for, I became convinced that the previous abbreviation of PTV (Personal transport vehicle) was changed to PAV (personal transport vehicle). It was also to my relief that I got a clearer picture of avatar vehicles in the future of vrchat, so if you want to ask me anything about this discovery, let me know.

If you’re talking about vehicle avatars, I have a truckload of them in one of my worlds I’ve created months ago. I know this isn’t in relation to your topic, but if you need some new cars that you can use and share with others, I can give you the name of my world.

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Thanks for your reply, but I was talking about planes. But I would Be interested to these worlds.

Mhm. Here, I’ll give you the link to my world I’ve created.

San Andreas Auto Mall (Avatar World)․ - VRChat