Feature Request Global Player Pickup and Limb Grabber

I know mods are not supported and that VRChat has done its best to recreate those features without mods. But one I have been hoping for is an avatar player pickup and limb grabber. Grab as in you can pick them up, hold their hand, grab them, etc I know it is available in some worlds but it’s not accurate it just allows them to pick them up and throw them around which isn’t always the greatest. But if you could actually grab someone’s hand and hold it and drag them around or actually pick up their avatar in a nicer way as in like pick them up while they are sitting or laying I feel it would put a whole new realistic experience to Vrchat. I think it was called limb grabber? It can let you pick up limbs but if you pick up the head it will pick up the whole player. I think it was on the vrcmelonassistent but I’m not sure. If not, just search up “limb grabber vrchat”


Two thoughts

Showing VRChat devs other people’s code for something would be a great way to prevent them from adding that something…

The other thought it that feature requests aren’t really intended to be posted here, unless you want to discuss it away from the devs noticing.

The transitions mention a https://feedback.vrchat.com site for feature request submissions

I’m sorry I didn’t know.

Hi @family.duo , Avatar pickups and grabbers are “world gimmicks” or “gadgets” available to world creators today, they require no mods to the client in order to work.

There are also a few ways to hold hands, though again, requires the creator to simply add the feature and people wear said avatar(s) in said world(s) themselves.

Smply best posted under feature requests as @docteh said , and a quick search here will find that others have indeed requested this. Welcome to the forum here, it’s a safe and inclusive place. I find a lot of tips just by searching from the main ask.vrchat.com page for example this:


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how can I add them on my avatars?

I’m not expert though would recommend searching places like booth or gumroad, for world or avatar assets, or code them depending on your skill level. Hope you find ones that work and have fun with it. If you see them in a world,or on an avatar, look for credits or ask the world maker :slight_smile: