Custom prop not grabbable on head?

So I made a little prop that rides on your head. you can pick it up with both hands and drop it in the world. and I’ve tested it to work somewhat fine aside it doesn’t stay where I drop it, it more follows me in the spot I left it. but that’s not the main issue. its point for the head is working on all senders/recievers but for some reason when it’s on my head it won’t let me grab it at all. i moved it to my hips and adjusted its position to be in front of me to test it and it worked fine aside from the previously mentioned issue. it has a physbone for movement and interaction. i set it to be grabbable and it will let me only grab it when its not on my head. I’m wondering if the hair/ears physbones are messing with the grabbing but I shut off all interactions and got the same results so I don’t know if that’s the case. I do know the physbone grabbing and trigger param works fine along with all the attached animations. its just not detecting my grab on my head at all.

as for hardware if needed to know I use quest plus link cable for pcvr.

any advice or help would be amazing since this is my first prop build with actual interactions!

So i found the problem! i just found out about the contact nodes in vrchat and for some reason its putting the bone for the prop inside my head when the parent constraint puts it on my head. does anybody know a workaround aside making the physbone offset rediculous sized to grab it?