Face has Creepy black mask when using Quest Shaders

When trying to use any of the quest shaders (The “Vrchat/Mobile” Shaders) for this avatar, as something black would cover the face. Everything else on the avatar would look fine, it would only be messed up on the face.
Weirdly enough, when using the “lightmapped”, it works perfectly fine and the avatar’s face isnt being covered with a black smudge, however the SDK or Control panel does NOT let me upload it as it does not allow that specific shader be on a avatar I guess.
The avatar description as I just read as im making this post does state that the avatar is PC only unfortunately.
Im trying not to make this avatar use the Doppleganger, but I will atm if there’s nothing that I can do to somehow make it quest working.
I don’t know if there are people out there that know how to fix this or find the solution to this problem, but I will be keeping an eye out to this post.
Avatar is also VRM aswell apparently.
Here’s a Link for further information on the avatar if needed -ターコイズ氏💠オリジナル3Dモデル #CloudzLog - Cloudz☁ - BOOTH


If your PC Shader version was using anything related to “cutout” or “transparency”, you won’t be able to convert it strait away to Mobile Shaders, as it doesn’t support that feature. Can you verify that ?

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The avatar is using Liltoon and all materials that has to do with the face has it’s rendering mode set to Opaque
(Weirdly enough, just the regular Unity Standard Shader works on the avatar as well, it just the VRCHAT/Mobile shaders just dont want to work with the exception of the LIghtmapped shader but the SDK doesnt allow that as I have said already)

I’m not sure about the shader specifics, maybe check the texture? Any detail where the alpha channel is not 100% will look different with the Quest shaders

There is also effect of vertex colors, so maybe throw on a texture of a solid color with mobile shader and see what you get. Well ideally what is called a UV color grid would be actually useful, try searching for one.