Everyone is "Incompatible"?


This pops up for everyone in every world, and not sure why. Everyone shows up as light blue/gray diamonds!

I’m running VRC through steam, and am logged into vrc through the VRC option, NOT steam login.
I’m using an Oculus Quest 2 IN LINK mode through Steam VR, so I’m not using it though the quest store or anything like that. I’ve cleared local cash and made sure the safety opions are all set to open/raised the avatar limit to insane amounts so it’s not a “detail” issue. Also tried installing all newest drivers, not sure why I can’t see anyone. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

What happens if you ask VRChat to force showing the avatar?

Thanks for the screenshot. Helps understand the context.

Maybe make sure VRChat isn’t doing anything stupid like thinking to only show the nearest -1 avatars.

I am having this issue anyone know the fix for it?

Well, I did make a suggestion, but there is no information if it worked or not.