[EAC/Proton] Launcher faiils with Error #1 since proton 7

Hi, the EAC launcher fails with the following screen for me, since proton 7:

I also iteratively tried finding the correct version with Proton GE:
until GE-Proton7-16 - works (but vr doesn’t)
since GE-Proton7-17 - doesn’t work at all

I’m running Arch Linux with kernel version 6.3.3.
Older proton versions don’t work with SteamVR anymore (for me at least), so I’ve been trying to get the EAC launcher to work on newer Proton versions again.

Following EAC Logs i checked when launching with Proton 8.0-2:
anticheatlauncher.log: https://pastebin.com/tgpwnvxm
service.log: https://pastebin.com/VjGZGVQJ
loader.log: https://pastebin.com/HjjrdjLW

Sadly there is not much i could find out from these logs, but here are a few lines which caught my eye:
anticheatlauncher.log: [12:26:25:380] [Windows] [EAC Launcher] [Verb] Called with invalid parameters: '', 00B337A4.
loader.log: [2023.05.27-12.26.25] [Connection] Connect result: No error (0) Response Code: 200 Destination IP:
loader.log: [2023.05.27-12.26.26] [EAC Callback] Code: 509. Message: 'Unexpected error. (#1)'.
anticheatlauncher.log: [12:26:26:563] [Windows] [EAC Launcher] [Info] Launcher finished with: 210, 'Unexpected error. (#1)'.

To me it seems like EAC has issues downloading files with proton versions newer then GE-Proton7-16.

If anyone has some thoughts on this or maybe any other idea how to launch VRC in VR for me again, please let me know, any ideas are appreciated.
Thanks for Helping!