EAC BSoD plague continues

Easy Anti-Cheat, particularly the EOS version has been causing many people random chance for BSoD with report KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILRUE, and hex 0x0000000000000EAC, amongst a couple others. Any game i’ve seen using EAC EOS has had this issue to some extent. Reinstalling is rarely accomplishes anything.

MCC for example has the full/standard version of easy anticheat and never has this issue for anyone to my knowledge.

Any games with the EOS version; VRChat, The Finals (experienced this myself), even Fortnite apparently, all with the EOS version, people across the internet are reporting BSoD when trying tos tart the game. Something seriously needs to be done about this.

EAC support has no means of being contacted.
Don’t know what to say other than people need to stop using this garbage software if it won’t get fixed or solution found.

related canny:

Please update your Bios. I’ve experienced this issue on old, outdated bios versions!

That’s something i already did. This persisted between 2 motherboards.

Again this is a widely pervasive issue that affects people with all kinds of hardware setups and different software/windows versions. The problem is clearly EAC EOS design flaw.

It’s also random, it’s a dice roll if it times out and BSoD’s or not, so it’s difficult to test for.

Forgive my profanity but this shit won’t stop screwing up my system. Every time i BSoD something breaks or settings lost or something corrupts.

This needs to end or be removed. There is no excuse for BSoD problems for shitty software.

The vast majority of people that ever get this BSoD error when i look online are people complaining about starting up games which in EVERY INSTANCE is using EAC - specifically the EOS version. Nobody anywhere has ever found a solution for this.

EAC was already beyond pointless for vrchat and didn’t really accomplish anything, and a certain percentage of people having to dice roll whether their system blows up just to START the bloody game, is inexcusable and unacceptable.

edit: i managed to find another bios version and get it flashed, but we’ll just have to see… who knows how long it’ll take to test.

I got a new latest BIOS, and since then i’ve only had weird issues with reliably booting, and now my graphics and such have been on the fritz. It’s just made my system less stable. Haven’t had EAC BSoD yet but frankly this isn’t any better.

How recent are the gpu drivers? I had to stop windows update from giving me the most reliable and stable and old drivers at least once. On my PC is like I have a choice of VRChat crashing or explorer.exe dying lol

I’m using older drivers (from like a year ago? radeon 22.5.1 - there was a load of talk about problems that came up in 22.5.2 and later) because the more current ones caused a lot of stability issues, and particularly problems with stuff like ReShade in various games i have it in. I can’t remember the details of why, but it definitely had to do with a multitude of reasons and i’d tried several versions. They all went away when i reverted to a known stable driver. …Granted i haven’t gone driver hunting/testing in a while.

as a subnote: people who use AMD drivers tend to have complaints about driver stability etc, but i’ve not had much for driver issues in many years because i check around the internet for recommended versions, and when picking up consensus versions, virtually all problems go away, this has always been the most reliable way to have a clean experience with AMD, and a method i have adopted for many years.

…using most recent drivers for AMD, and sometimes even nVidia, is often a mistake and not something that everyone should be recommending or requiring. (ex my friend with nvidia just got a driver update the other day and their steamvr was bricked to 1fps, they rolled back driver version and it was fine again)… recommending “more recent” or “past certain version” is reasonable tho.

Just had another goddamn BSoD even with updated BIOS (which affected my unity project). This problem is 1000% objectively impossible to solve. Nobody on the internet anywhere has accomplished anything beyond placebo.

Get rid of this unacceptable broken garbage software.

Everyone has said it a million times, but kernel anti-cheat does not work, and is insane for a social platform.

Or at minimum, get the proper full supported version instead of the EOS version which is clearly faulty.

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What are the specs of your PC? Hardware, software, drivers, things like that. Also, is anything being overclocked?