Displayname from website by using player ID

Im aware that right now its possible to get display names by using network and playerapi.

However it could be useful to get displaynames from the vrc website.

Like lets say a world has multiple creators. So wouldnt it be kinda cool idea that you get other creators’ displaynames by using their id, even if they arent in the world?

This would make it so that even if the other creator, who wasnt the one to publish the world, changes their display name, then the new displayname would be updated into the world without new needing a new build.

So, do you mean as a UDON World component ?


I mean isnt string loader or whatever it is a part of Udon, as I recall?

Something like that could be useful, if there was a method to download the player displayname as string through vrc website, when you have the wanted player id

I guess you could. The Metadata of the vrchat profile link gives you the username, and you can always make an api that rezolves the username from the ID as this is available on the vrc api.

But I don’t know if that was already implemented natively yet. You’d have to check-in on github and others.