discover/Join online members of groups

Meeting people on VRChat is curiously odd for a social app. While we can see where our “friends” are and can join them we cannot do that for members of groups that we belong to. So for instance I can belong to a group with 900 members, I can see that 55 are online at the moment but I cannot locate those people.

Keep in mind I’m talking about people that belong to the same “group” (we voluntarily joined). So finding them, chatting a bit and then asking to become friends isn’t totally out of the question.

I don’t have a lot of people marked as friends and I (and others) often get online to find maybe 10 friends online with 5 of them in private worlds. That doesn’t offer a lot of opportunities except to jump into some public world. Who knows who those people are and what are we supposed to do, ask each of them if they belong to the “Udon Programmers” group?

Again, if there are 30 of them online they could be having an interesting chat but until I can find them (which I can’t) and can make them friends I cannot join the chat.

Seems unnecessarily limiting to me.

Relevant canny.

Personally I like that VRChat is slow moving in certain areas.

I think if group members were treated exactly like friends for joining where I am. I would leave every group I’m in. I want to go to a group, I don’t want group members joining me when I’m doing other things.

One group I’m in is for the group icon. Dino nuggets lovers.

Importantly they needn’t be “treated exactly like friends” for joining necessarily. I was pointing out how I (and others) cannot effectively find people to join. So while you might leave a group we might leave VRChat :rofl: It has so far been pointless for me to belong to most groups.

The idea is to come up with something workable. I assume “let members join me” could be a setting and I think on each group would be fair. I think of it as a problem in need of some sort of solution. Doesn’t have to be mine.