Creator Econemy SSO Access

Heyho everyone o/

Creator econemy is currently limited to ingame/inworld features. What are the future plans to offer more possible way? Any plans on authorizing users for creator? Any plans on opening up VRChat SSO?

Many currently existing services/tools/programs could benefit by today from any 3th party way to authorize in General. Espacially with subscriptions/purchases we have an even bigger interest to authorize users and to know more about them.

I guess that would be related to the topic allowing oauth access to third party projects.

It’s discussed it here

And I saw Tupper mention it in an update post as well.

They work on it but it requires limiting a lot of things. And isnt ready for now for general access, only for partners.

If I understood what you meant by SSO of course.

Let me rename my post, since it does cover it as well.

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