Creator Companion/Unity packages problem

Hi when CC tries to open Unity I get this message:

Please help!


Hi. What is the version of unity you are using?

2022.3.6f1 :slightly_smiling_face:

Im on windows 11, would that matter?

Don’t worry, Unity hadn’t installed properly I think so I reinstalled and Im finally in


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No worries. Glad you fixed your issue.

Hi, thanks, I have another problem now, sorry

When I include all the curated packages that CC reccomends in the manage projects page I get this error message

Screenshot 2024-04-26 191455

If I don’t add the curated packages the errors don’t happen, what should I do? I was told you should include all those packages.

Thank you!

Well, it does say that your project is failing to run those packages, maybe some are failing to work together, as some are meant for worlds and some for avatars.

You can press Ignore to enter the project and check the logs.

Thanks, I tried again with only the ones which applied to avatars and still got the same error.

Do I need these curated packages at all? I’m a complete newb this is the first time ive tried to create an avatar

Thank you

You only need to use what you need, the only thing you 100% may need is the sdk that is already added when you create a new project.

you may want to check on some youtube tutorials to know a little more on what to do with those projects.

Thats good to know, thank you :slightly_smiling_face: