Creator companion not installing

VRC CC stopped me at the “Agree” because every time
i do it then prompts me with this

But it never asks me for which drive, and ij have space in all of my drives so i really dont know whats going on

Hi, @Coffeekin12! Thank you for posting.

Were you able to choose an install mode? If yes, which one?


No its not prompted when i go to download

Oh, so you’re saying the VCC doesn’t ask you if you want to install it for yourself or for all users? In that case, there may be an issue related to not having permission to install the VCC.

@hatena from the VRChat Discord suggested the following. Perhaps they might work for you, too?

Please follow the steps below.

  1. Create an appropriate folder to install VRChat Creater Companion (VCC). Here, we assume you are installing to the “C:\VCC” folder.
  2. Open a terminal (or Command Prompt or Powershell) in the location of VCC’s installation file.=> Open the folder containing the VCC installation file with Explorer, hold down the shift key, and right-click to open a menu that allows you to open a terminal, command prompt, or Powershell.
  3. Manually run the VCC installation file. At this time, the command is as follows.

(Assuming the VCC installation file name is VRChat_CreatorCompanion_Setup_2.2.3.exe) .\VRChat_CreatorCompanion_Setup_2.2.3.exe /DIR="C:\VCC" Here, after /DIR=, enter the absolute path of the folder you want to install in double quotation marks. Presumably, this will work to force install to a custom location.