Creator Companion-created projects keep populating in the normal UnityHub even though I've removed them from the list

I use Unity professionally but I also enjoy making worlds and avatars for VRChat in my personal time. I thought it was amazing that I could migrate my projects from the Unity Hub over to the new Creator Companion… except for one huge issue. If I open a project in the creator companion, the next time I start my computer and restart Unity Hub… the project shows back up in the Hub! This is really aggravating especially after I delete a project from the Hub, because opening it in CC again re-adds it to the list again. Can you please add a toggle switch in settings or fix it so when I open a CC project, it doesn’t auto-populate it in my normal Unity Hub?

Will make keeping my personal and professional projects organized and separate much easier.


Hi @StormiStarcrest! I’m glad you’re enjoying VRChat world and avatar creation.

The Unity Hub doesn’t maintain its own list of recently opened projects. Instead, it directly reads ‘last opened projects’ registry values. For example: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Unity Technologies > Unity Editor 5.x > RecentlyUsedProjectPaths-7_h1085040557

Unfortunately, whenever you open a Unity project, it creates a registry entry that the Unity Hub will recognize. I’m not aware of any launch arguments to prevent RecentlyUsedProjectPaths from being added.

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Well that stinks, so much for being organized! XD

thanks for the quick response Fax, didn’t know it was using registry values
to keep track of open projects, how interesting! Well, the more you know!

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