"No projects, yet"

Absolutely new here doing my very first project. I was following the instructions on Create Avatars & World Projects - VRChat Creator Companion and supposedly everything went great until minute 04:58 when i click “Open Project”.
Unity opens but i don’t have any project. It says “No projects, yet”. That is not what happens in the video.
What did i do wrong? is it an outdated video and now you need to click on something else?
please help!

Hi, so you clicked on the button to open unity, is the “no project yet” a message from within unity or somewhere else? Do you have a screenshot of that?

Hello, thank you for your response.
I realized i didnt have the correct unity version installed.
i saw this video: How to Install Unity Hub and VRChat’s Creator Companion and everything was cleared out. Took me a lot of time since i got the flu and all

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