Community Update - 13 July 2020


Interested in joining the VRChat team? We’re actively looking to fill a few roles. For those who have already applied, we are slowly working through all of these applications-- thanks for your patience! You should hear back from us one way or another.

VRChat 2020.3.1 Open Beta

Release 2020.3.1 is now in Open Beta! You can opt into this beta in Steam by joining the VRChat[open-beta] steam branch. Check out the change logs for more details.

VRChat Avatars 3.0 Open Beta

The Avatars 3.0 Open Beta has started! Avatars 3.0 is a brand new avatar feature framework that lets creators take their avatar ideas to the next level, all while letting everyone access advanced and precise controls for their avatars. Check out our documentation on “What is Avatars 3.0?” to learn more.

Once you’ve checked that out, head on down to the brand-new #av3-info and other Avatar 3.0 channels on our Discord to learn about how to try out Avatars 3.0, how to get started building AV3 avatars, and more!

We’re really excited to see what you can build with AV3. Take a look, give it a shot, and don’t forget to post your feedback and thoughts on our Feedback boards!

Other Projects

The rest of the team is still heads down on other big, exciting projects! These tend to take time-- we appreciate your patience! We’ll be able to share more soon.