Changing the world causes a periodic delay of once per second

2024.2.2 After VRChat update
Loading the world will cause a periodic delay every second.
Once this happens, even if you return to the original world, it will not get better…
This does not happen in the world you enter for the first time after logging into your account.
Because I tried to set my home in the world of Udon SABER
Restart the game and it will work normally
So I’m pretty sure the loading operation only happens when you move to another world
This will happen.

I was wondering if anyone has the same problem as me…
Please kind friends help me. Thanks

Additional information:
In the second half of the video, I tried to set my home to the Udon SABER world and restart the game, and it ran normally.

This is the test I did today
I opened two VRChat at the same time
Only the exception occurred when loading other worlds.

I opened VRChat and other games at the same time
Only VRChat has an exception

0:00~1:45 = Two VRChat tests
1:46~4:12 = Other games are started at the same time as VRChat

Interesting. I guess you need to track down what causes it. How much ram you got?

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I have 16G (4X4) and 32G (8X4) memory
I have tried cross testing memory
Also replace different GPU drivers
Also clear all game caches
Also remove the game completely and install it on another SSD
but the situation is the same. :sneezing_face:

After several days of continuous testing
I found that after switching the menu page a few times
This irreversible delay will accumulate
In addition, there is a delay every time when opening the esc menu.

Also found that the game did not close or restart
Just log out of your account and log back in
It will return to its original smooth operating condition
But this doesn’t solve the problem very well
After all, once she changes to another world, she will become abnormal

I hope the relevant departments can improve this problem as soon as possible T^T