Can't login VRChat since May 22, 2024 update

I need help, I can’t login to VRChat.

Problem: Stuck on Easy Anti-Cheat initializing screen forever loading.

Things tried-

1: Uninstalled VRChat, doesn’t work.

2: Logged into a different device. (after 2-3 minutes passed loading instead I am greeted with a Error 30004 code.)

3: Used Admin Controller Command prompt to check for corrupt files. No good.

Any ideas to fix???

From what I read, that can be due to network issues. I saw some people get around this with a vpn. Can you try that?

I tried the VPN method next, and was still no go.

Eventually I did fix the issue, but I can’t understand why it happened.

I went to my program folders, and deleted the EAC folders within the VRChat folders, uninstalled, and reinstalled the game, and it worked.

Had to do that on both of my devices.

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