Cannot login, weird error

I’m getting the following error when I try to login to VRchat:

"ERROR - Could not log in - Response was null. Remote server closed the connection before sending response header! Previous request state: Processing. Connection State: WaitForRecycle.

How do I fix this?

My guess is either the great firewall of china, or more likely a temporary problem in VRChats end

I managed to get in by downloading and installing Cloudflare’s Warp client here.

Here are other things I tried that didn’t work:

  1. Restarting PC.
  2. Restarting router and modem.
  3. Uninstalling and Reinstalling VRchat.
  4. Uninstalling and Reinstalling VRchat and deleting any remaining steam folder items.
  5. Uninstalling and Reinstalling VRchat and deleting any remaining items in Locallow.
  6. Using a different DNS server.
  7. Using a different account.
  8. Cancelling during the log in randomly and retrying.
  9. Enabling/Disabling Firewall.

I was always able to log in to the website and through Unity. I still have no idea what causes this error and the support ticket gave me a more or less standard ‘network troubleshooting’ reply.

So if anyone encounters the same thing you can try the Cloudflare Warp client. Just unfortunate that I had to install something extra to be able to log in to VRchat.