Can anyone help me with this error? "Vrchat - Unity 2022.3.6f1-DWR_7f7cdaa6e224


Vrchat was going fine and then out of nowhere this happened, NO IDEA what to do.

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I get that sometimes, always funny when VRChat dies as I’m asking it to close.

If you’re making it into world, could check logs (VRChat has article about logs that you can bingobongo), if you’re not making it into VRChat, not sure. I once had to wipe personal preferences, and that’s part of a VRChat page talking about what to try if VRChat won’t open.

The other times VRChat was crash happy was related to way outdated gpu drivers (thanks windows update), or a bunch of unity projects being open.

Hi! I actually figured it out by clearing the Cache on it. I personally didnt think that would work so I didnt try it, but it did!

How did you clear it? I’m running into the same problem and i tried going into steam settings and hitting clear and restarting and it still didnt work

  • Pull up run
  • Type in %appdata%
  • In appData (if it opens roaming just click on appdata)
  • Click LocalLow
  • Click the vrchat folder
  • Might have to click it again to open vrchat folder
  • Open Cache-WindowsPlayer and delete all the folders named like ex: 5FGEGD645F00G3

Then restart it and see if that works! Hope it does

Different fix!!!

If the methods above doesn’t work then consider an alternative that helped me with this issue.

Whenever I would try to run vrchat on startup it would load a bit, then I couldn’t see my cursor, & then output a crash message “Vrchat - Unity 2022.3.6f1-DWR_7f7cdaa6e224”.

For my case, the home world that I had was corrupted & caused the same crash. To fix this issue I have to launch a different world on startup launch of vrchat.

This website ( under the “Fix 2: Try some special launch options” ) has a clear step-by -tep guide to launching a different world on startup ( w/ pictures ;3 ).

Please like, share or comment if this or another method worked for you as it helps the entire vrchat community <3 & gl.

I forgor to put the link to the website gl:

Hi…back again. I tried your way, it worked until I tried to go into a new game, then it no longer worked. Any help?

I tried my fix too, it didnt work.

I was locked out of vrc for 2-3 days and I can only tell you want worked for me.

I tried all the short-fixs like clearing cashe, reset avatar, ect. All I have seen that works is loading a new world on startup.

That being said, I do believe others have managed to fix this issue using differing methods so keep searching if my method didn’t work. I believe in u <3 :saluting_face:

Are you using Virtual Desktop Streamer?

Desktop streamer? At the time I took the photo just on normal desktop vrchat. But i do play with a cord link

im having this issue rn… i have tried so many methods but nothing. any advice?

One time i tried changing my avatar, and that fixed it. but other than that im not too sure, worried for when it’ll happen to me again.

The app works perfectly on the pc. As soon as I connect my quest 3 via Virtual desktop streamer app. This error pops up.

I have no other way to use the Quest 3, without using VDS; because I have Intel Arc 770 GPU

If you’re on PC and don’t really use your Vr headset, you should get on vrchat without linking it to your computer, download vrchat on your vr and then log in, take off the world you set as your home if you did, should say “reset world” or something like that and boom works! I did that and it works on my comptuer now, I was sooo annoying.

I updated my gpu drivers and its working for now. But that’s a good idea too weeppie!

still has this problem can someone help me?

Don’t reckon anyone ever found a solution did they? I’d like to see my friends for than 10 minutes before a frustrating crash.

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i have the same issue you did with virtual desktop, but mine only works when i reinstall VD. then when i turn off my pc and back on it doesn’t work again. i have intel graphics as well. do you think you can help?