"Avatar Validation Failed.", followed up with the VRChat SDK telling me to remove my audio sources. Someone help!

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So I’m trying to upload a 1999 Nissan Maxima to VRChat, but for some stupid-ass reason, it keeps on giving me the: “Avatar Validation Failed.” error every single time I try uploading it. The pipeline manager is detached and it still won’t work. Also, the VRChat SDK keeps on telling me to remove my audio sources as an “auto fix” once I upload my VRChat avatar to android so it can be quest compatible. And another thing with the “Avatar Validation Failed.” error, I’ve also tried opening up a new project and starting all over again with me redoing my entire avatar. Any advice on these two issues I’m having? Any help would be appreciated! :3

Maybe I’m not awake yet, but it reads like you are trying to upload a quest avatar with sounds? You could duplicate the avatar in the hierarchy and remove sound from the copy and upload that one.

Words next to autofix button are likely worth showing here.

Yeah, I’ll send you a screenshot of that error, but I’m trying another Unity version right now, so I’m testing if that’ll fix it. Thanks for your advice, though.

Alright, tested it and it didn’t work with the validation error. Any suggestions? Since y’know… the pipeline manager isn’t generating any new IDs for me.