Avatar Models - A catalogue of freely available avatar models

Avatar Models and You

Have you ever wondered where to get started with avatar models? Well, wonder no more!

I’ve collated a list of as many free avatar models as I can find! In this guide, you’ll find both models licensed under the permissive Creative Commons licenses, as well as models using their own licenses that allow using them for free. You’ll find cute anime girls, cool anime boys, beefy kemonos, robots, creatures, and more inside this index!

Most of these models can be downloaded and imported straight into Unity, making them a good resource for beginners. We’ve also done work to make sure they’re all truly original models!

You’ll also find details on other exciting topics, like the dangers of using models off DeviantArt, and where to find more avatars that aren’t free. But hey - with a list so big, you might not need to…

The guide is available here.

This guide wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and unbelievable generosity of the many artists who are offering free avatar models. If you’re one of the artists on this list, I thank you most sincerely.

Feel free to use this topic to post submissions if you find any free models, or comments of your own!