Avatar Breaking on impoort in Unity

When VRC was using unity 2019 i had no issues with normal import and uplaoding Avatars. Now when i import an avatar using unity or the Creator Companion it breaks the Avatar in one way or another, either breaking bone and casuing upper lowler leg is not parent to… or upper arm not parent to etc… or breaking the gogoloco, toggles and colour changer radial wheel so unable to change body hue. Have uninstalled reinstalled same issue. Friend is having same issue. Tried it on another computer and still same problem. I’m not tech savy so any help as to how to fix this would be appreatcive.

I haven’t uninstalled any version of unity yet just in case I run into something like that

If it’s bone related I’d be tempted to compare the bone assignments in both versions of unity. Maybe you can just manually assign some stuffs