Any possible way to make dynamic light probes?

I’m trying to make a simple light switch, and while I’m able to work around lightmaps not being dynamic, light probes are another story. You can’t really change their position after baking them without writing your own light probe baking scripts, you can’t dynamically bake them while making them look good, and you can’t have multiple disconnected groups in one scene. You also can’t swap out lighting data at runtime, because that whole section of the engine isn’t exposed to Udon. I’m at my wit’s end here. If I have lightmaps, then I need light probes; dynamic objects look horrendous when they’re the only things without indirect lighting.

This isn’t really my expertise, but I have some suggestions off the top of my head:

You can get dynamic probes if you bake Realtime GI, though this is gonna drastically increase your bake times usually, also it’s not entirely supported by Bakery. (There’s some hacky thing in the Experimental settings to first bake enlighten, then include the enlighten map in the Bakery output.) Unity is also very picky about the precise settings on meshes, lights, etc to get Realtime working properly.

You might also be able to cheese it by having the light switch affect a Mixed light rather than baked. That would let you bake the indirect from that light into the mesh. This can be a bit expensive if used a lot though. If the room is relatively simple, you could have the light only affect the Environment layer and players (assuming you set the room to Environment).

Slightly more advanced and performant would be to bake the light on, then have a duplicate of the room that is not baked, so turning on the light just swaps out the meshes, then turns on a realtime light that only affects players.

You seem to misunderstand; I’m not looking for indirect lighting on the room itself. That can already be solved using regular lightmaps and swapping out the mesh, as you’ve already established. I’m looking for indirect lighting on non-static, moving objects. This can only be accomplished via light probes, and there needs to be a way to either swap probe data or probes themselves out, which I can’t really find.