Reflection probes not being applied in-game

Hi there!
I recently created my new VRChat world, uploaded here: World Link
Upon reuploading, and also making a quest version, something is preventing the reflection probes from working in VRChat. (picture 1)
The probes work in Unity, and also do project correctly in the client sim, but for some reason fail to work in-game. They did work before, and I do not know what is causing them to have this behavior.
I am using standard Unity Reflection probes, and bakery light-mapper for light-maping. I haven’t had issues before, including in Unity 2022.
Anyone who has knowledge on this issue would be greatly appreciated!
Current Probe Settings:

Anything to help, greatly appreciated!

For those using bakery-lightmaper. Using “baked normal maps” does not support speculars, so the metalics looking dull was a shader and lightmap issue!