Adding a item to a expression

I bought cry more by Axphy and i wanted to add it to a certain expression and when i do it works in unity but when i go in game it wont show for that expression. is there anyways to fix that?

What did you do to add it to your avatar ? Did you edit an existing animation ? if you can be more precise

Yes im using the expressions i added to my gestures, i went in the animation panel and i made it unhide for that hang gesture. My face gestures work but not the crying fbx

Is the object inside of your avatar in the unity hierarchy ? if you can share a screenshot

yea sure, i made sure to put it on the head , i even tried unpacking it, fixed the bound boxes.
Screenshot 2024-03-08 124738

And so the gesture works in unity but not on the avatar.
Did you try only in test mode or also as a full uploaded avatar ?

also can you check the tag of your object, verify it is at “untagged” and not “editor only”

I uploaded it and it didnt work ingame, also its untagged

I am very confused. No idea why it wouldn’t then