About the uploading restriction for new users


My name is Yuushino, and I’m a new user (sort of). I’ve actually had a VRChat account for a few months now, but I didn’t use it much. As a result, I am currently restricted from uploading avatars and worlds. I’ve read the FAQ about it, but it didn’t answer the few questions I’m about to ask:

  1. What is the best and quickest way to get rid of that restriction?
    a. How many friends should I make, and how much time should I spend in-game for me to able to upload?
  2. How long does it take on average for the restriction to be lifted?
  3. Most important: I currently use VRChat on my Oculus Quest (1).
    a. If I start playing VRChat on my PC using an Oculus Link instead, will it take longer for the upload restriction to be lifted?
    b. Or worse, if I get the upload restriction lifted, and then start playing on my computer using Oculus Link, will I get restricted again from uploading?

As a reminder, I do have and use a VRChat account to play.

I really need a developer to answer this, as the general FAQ is not specific enough in that regard. If this forum is not checked very often by the VRChat staff, then please tell me a better place to ask them.

UPDATE: As expected the developers are pretty tight-lipped about how exactly the system works. But they at least answered my third question: “Your account only needs to meet the requirements to upload once. Using VRChat on different devices will not slow down how long it takes for your Trust Rank to increase.” Also, I’ve got a good tip from another player: Your Trust Rank increases faster if you befriend high-ranked people. Now, should I mark this as solved or something?

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Simply play VRChat! It doesn’t take long at all to gain the necessary Trust to be able to upload content.

We don’t provide details on the system so malicious users don’t game it-- but rest assured it doesn’t take too long.

I’d guess a handful of hours of “normal” play?

Nope, playing VRChat is playing VRChat.

Same as above. Trust is linked to your account, not what you’re playing on. Just make sure you’re logged into your VRChat account.

And after typing all that I saw that Support already got you your answer. I’m unsure if you can mark your own post as a solution, but it isn’t necessary.

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