How long would I have to spend In vrchat to upload a avatar

How long Do i need to spend in vrc to upload a vrc avatar

There is no specific time, you just play, make friends, hang out with people, etc. And you should be able to get “New User” rank. Which allows you to upload avatars to VRChat.
The reason there isn’t a specific time is to avoid “gaming” the trust system.

In any case, New User is the rank right after the starting rank “Visitor” and it shouldn’t take that long to get. General estimates are about a week or less of playing VRChat.

If for some reason you need to upload or can’t wait, you can buy VRChat Plus (one time is enough) and you’ll be ranked up to New User instantly allowing you to upload avatars. Do note that this isn’t required and is completely optional.

A couple things that will help:

  • Subscribe to VRC+ (As Eternal_Ohm suggested)
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication on your account

Otherwise, yeah. Just get in there and play, make friends and interact with folks. :slight_smile: