About the Help! category

Having issues with VRChat? Post in this category with a description of the problem you’re having. We’ll try our best to help you out.

This forum is a way for other users to contribute to problems other users are reporting. VRChat team members will try their best to help out here, but our default mode of providing support is via contacting the Support team.

Here’s some answers to common requests:

VRChat won’t start!

Check out this knowledgebase page for a procedure that should solve most issues with VRChat.

If that doesn’t help, contact Support.

The SDK is broken!

This is usually caused by one of two things:

  1. You’re using the wrong version of Unity. You can see which version is the current version by visiting our documentation.
  2. You’re getting some kind of console error preventing the SDK from building. Check your Console in Unity and look for the first error that appears. It will usually point to the problem! This will usually show specific script files that are breaking the SDK, you’ll want to delete them and re-open Unity to fix the issue.

If that doesn’t help, contact Support.

VRChat just updated, and everything is broken, but other people said everything is fine!

This is almost always due to users modifying VRChat with “client modifications” or “mods”. In addition to being a violation of the VRChat Terms of Service and a huge security vulnerability for the user that has installed the “mods”, these modifications often cause major issues any time we update.

:warning: VRChat cannot and will not provide support for users using modified clients. :warning:

Follow the steps listed here to totally purge your VRChat installation directory and start over.

I want to report someone!

Use this site to report directly to our Trust and Safety team.

You can also submit reports via the in-app “Report” feature. However, this feature does not permit you to attach details, which can be important.

Tips for reports:

  • Describe the situation fully and clearly and without extraneous or unneeded information.
  • Click on the offending user and click “View on VRChat.com”. That will pull up a page you can link to the T&S agent to clearly identify them. Screenshots of a user’s profile may not be helpful, especially if their name is hard to type on a standard keyboard.
  • Screenshots can help. Images will be only be viewed if they are attached to the email or hosted on imgur.
  • Video can also be useful but should be of reasonable length to show context.
  • If you are reporting an avatar, click “View Author” page for that avatar and send the agents the “View on VRChat.com” link for that user.
  • Output logs can be useful! See the Support section above to learn how to find them.
  • Please don’t send us Discord screenshots. We cannot take action based off them. If it happened on Discord, report it to Discord.

I’ve been banned from VRChat! How do I appeal my ban?

You can submit an appeal for your ban here. Explain your situation clearly and carefully. After a moderator reviews your appeal, you will be sent a template “appeal approved” or “appeal denied” message. No other details are usually attached!

These appeals are read and reviewed by our Trust and Safety team, and responded to with templates. They aren’t automated!