403 Forbidden error on avatar search world

so i don’t know if this has happens to anyone else but for some reason one day i went to the avatar search world called YAAS( yet another avatar search) to search for avatars but when i was waiting for the engine to load it gave me this message “http/1.1 403 forbidden”. i don’t know what it means but it prohibiting me from searching avatars. i wanted to ask the world creator but they havent been active from what im seeing. please help cause im losing my mind trying everything to fix it.

That’s an error from their server so unless you can contact them, we won’t be able to help. Maybe switch to another search world?

I have been having that issue as well, I tested it out by bringing 3 different friends into the same instance and they all had access to the avatar search except me. When I check the logs it only says the “HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden” thing as well. Haven’t found a solution yet, it’s been this way for me for roughly a month now.

I’m annoyed that world doesn’t accept arbitrary stings for input, since its local only.

Well, it doesn’t seem to be, as it requests an external source, that source giving a 403 error.

I wish it’d accept URLs that aren’t its own site.