Why does VRChat break at far enough distances in big worlds

Why does VRChat break at far enough distances in big worlds

This has always been a thought on my mind ever since I started playing VRChat

What is the direct cause for polygons and the UI to violently shake when you travel a far enough distance from the worlds origin point.

I've done some research on this very topic, but only came to the conclusion that it's a floating point percision issue.

It still begs the question. This issue has always been around as long as I can remember since I started playing this game. But in all retrospect the core of this issue either lies within vrchat or the unity game engine at the heart of it

It's just funny that this issue has persisted for as long as it has. Granted this is something you'll only ever notice in bigger worlds. From time to time

So, what's the conclusion. This is just a silly bug that's been around for longer than you'd think it has been.

Floating point precision errors are very much a Unity problem


You came to the right conclusion. It’s literally because of floating point precision limitations.

This world explains it a bit. It’s just a limitation of the Unity engine because things just become less precise the further from world origin (0,0,0) you are. (and really most other game engines have similar limitations)

I kind of like this about VRChat tbh. I like the visual spookyness of being really far away from home in virtual worlds sometimes and as an indication of how far you’ve traveled. I think Cthonia By hdorriker uses this as a feature. This world is huge. [VRCWorld Link] Cthonia By hdorriker