VRChat stuck on connecting, not joining

Hi Everyone, hope someone can help. I cleaned my computer, and the drivers are up to date, the VRChat cache is clean but for a week (since the 14 feb 2024 at least) I can’t play VRC on my computer. It always gets stuck on connecting and does not do the joining in the default home world. I can get in with a stand-alone Quest. but I wanna join with my PCVR. I can join every other online game on Steam except VRChat. What is wrong and can I fix it?

Can you go on steam, on vrchat, go on properties, installed files and check file integrity, maybe you have a corrupted vrchat installation.

Yes, thank you, I tried that. I CAN log in to Quest stand-alone but can’t get in with my computer even in desktop mode. It stays on the connecting and after some time it says connection lost. Like it does not wanna connect. Or waiting for an authentication of something. If someone can help that would be cool.

I guess you login with your vrchat account then on desktop, not steam.

Anyway, I can’t think else of a connection issue, either you pc like a von, or like your isp or something…

hii, ik this is late but ths forum really helped me How to solve IPv6 issues | Streamlabs , (only for pc)