VRChat plus not compatible?

I have VRChat with a Meta account that I mostly play through Quest-Link (PC VR). When I clicked on the VRChat+ button to get ‘plus,’ it just said it was now compatible (not supported) with the standalone version. So, I disconnected Quest-Link and logged in again on standalone (Android). Here, I could get VRChat+, but I saw that the standalone Android version doesn’t have the same avatars. However, my biography is the same as in the PC VR version, and I have the same friends and groups.

Now, I want to know: If I pay for VRChat+ with my Meta standalone account, will it also work when I use Meta Link and play it as PC VR?

Hi, i believe since recently you don’t need VRC+ to be able to play on the android version.

For the avatars, that’s because the android version is very limited, even more than quest. Indeed it will only support quest compatible avatars that are below 10MB (i believe) and that aren’t very poor (for quest).

Besides that, if you use the same vrchat account and that both your accounts are linked, you should be beneficiary of the VRC+ features.